a re-armed Russia

Sukhoi-35 Aircraft Russian Jet-Fighter Su-

Russia once again pursues a somewhat disturbing military strategy. Russians are determined to claim their military dominance as previously eight months Russian forces are found themselves in almost 40 dangerous encounters with Civilian Aircrafts and the NATO.

Following occupation of Crimea earlier in March this year, such mind games in the Russians President Valdamir Putin has created a risk of unrest in the continent and the current situation leaves Europe at verge of military escalation.

Russia has also been held responsible for gunning down a Malaysian airplane over Ukraine, and allegation which Putin has clearly denied. They have been also charged of intentionally threatening domestic airspace, mid air collisions, emergency scrambles and intimate encounters including bombings along the arctic and US shore.

Russian”Bear”, military aircraft, was involved in three high risk incidents, including a faceoff and a barely prevented crash with the Scandinavian Airline flight taking off from Copenhagen. Travelling to Rome, Boeing 737 saw itself in range of 90 meters of a Russian scout aircraft that was not transmitting its position. Another function which made it to the news saw Russians stimulating cruise missile strike against the US, near Canada in Labrador Sea.

Likewise Turkey, Sweden, Finland, Portugal, Germany and Denmark had intercepted Russian jets at the same period. Finland’s President believes this as an outrageous intent of showing military muscles by Russia, for him it is a”new type of cold war” which might soon erupt.

RAF jets have also been involved in other experiences, for instance, dealing with a Russian cargo plane which was being problematic for air traffic controlling authorities. Audio clip of the incident that made it to twitter goes as follows,”I am instructed by Her Majesty’s Government of the United Kingdom to warn you that if you do not respond immediately to my orders, you’ll be shot down”. This is a clear indicator of the adversity of the matter.

Sweden has expressed its ability and willingness to use force against force if deemed necessary. The European Leadership Network stated:”Although direct military confrontation was avoided thus far, the mix of more competitive Russian posturing and the willingness of Western forces to show resolve raises the chance of unintended escalation and the threat of losing control over events.”

Russian Government has made a point is stating their rage for military excellence. New York City NYC Animal Removal and NATO have urged President Putin to re-assess his foreign relation policy and come at diplomatic terms with the offended.

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