Was everything ok before Trump?

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It’s as though some people can not stop thinking about Trump; their whole enjoy seems to revolve around him.

But, irrespective of how frequently someone thinks about him, it’s nearly certain that they will get approval if they criticise him on line. In plenty of cases, it is as if he’s the worst person ever, and, if somebody does not agree with this outlook, they will most likely end up being labelled.

Black And White

They may wind up being known as a misogynist or a racist, or a different word that has phobia in the end.

What this demonstrates is that some people are just too happy people to tag others, rather than taking the time to comprehend why they think what they do. When someone does not act in a civilised way, it obviously makes it more or less likely to have a peaceful discussion with them.

One-Sided Coverage

While the mainstream media does not have as much control as it used to, there are still a great deal of folks who look for this source to be educated about what’s going on.

In the united states, on the other hand, there are lots of news sources which are completely behind him, no matter what he does. Now, clearly someone does not have to be quite perceptive to realize that the man has issues.

How to Make Pot Brownies

As a consequence of this, it has not been hard for the media to find items to concentrate on, and, if they can not find anything worth talking about, they’ll be delighted to make up something. The problem is that if a person accepts everything that the mainstream media tells them, they may wind up being manipulated.

By way of instance, recently the media shared images of children in cakes, which makes out that this was something Trump had completed. In fact, these were images that was shot when Obama was in power.

But by the time that the truth comes out – that is if it does come out – it’s often too late to have an effect. The damage was done and yet more, the media has taken advantage of the men and women who trust them.

One then has to wonder whether these mainstream media sources are just interested in ensuring people hate Trump instead of telling them about what’s actually going on. It would be easy to conclude he is not as bad as they make out; when he had been, they would have sufficient evidence without having to make up things.

The Cause

What this does is create Obama seem like some sort of saint in comparison.

Consequently, if Obama was in power everything will be OK. This also validates the men and women who think that all trump fans are bigots; like everything was fine before, there isn’t any way these people could have really had any real worries.

1 Big Distraction

He’s just the most recent of a long line of individuals that are mere puppets for the institution.

Sure, he’s nothing like Obama in terms of how he acts, but he’s part of a strategy that has probably been in place for many, many years. Trump is like the man who jumps into a pool while Obama was just like somebody who quietly slides into a pool, but this is merely a facade.

1 Purpose

The mainstream press is there to distract people from what’s actually happening, and that is the reason Trump is the best president in this respect. When someone is totally focussed on the Trump series, it’s likely to prevent them from seeing the larger picture.

It’s been said that these individuals have strategies in place that go back centuries.

Divide and Rule

What the mainstream press should really be talking about is who’s pulling the strings from behind the scenes. This is not likely to happen, however, as the majority of these media resources are part of the same club, and this includes both the mainstream and the so called alternative media.


The mainstream media needs people to get into what they’re saying in order to have influence and power. Without people’s focus, there isn’t a lot they can do, and this is the last thing they need.

It might be stated that there are two ways to change the world; the first would be to attempt and control others, the next is to lead by example. The former is attractive, but it’s morally wrong, and that is the reason the perfect thing to do is to be an example to others.

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